Professional Tax Service,
of Rockford, Illinois
About Us

Professional Tax Service, Inc.

Located in Rockford, Illinois, Professional Tax Service is a rapidily growing tax preparation and accounting service company. The Professional Tax Service family has been preparing income taxes for the Rockford community since 1985.

When the IRS implemented electronic filing for individuals and business  tax returns in 1986, the Professional Tax Service family started utilizing the new technology, transmitting some of the first electronically filed returns in northern Illinois giving individuals quick access to their income tax refunds. Soon after Refund Anticipation Loans were introduced giving the community access to a swiftly processed short term secured loan benefiting many individuals and small businesses.

Professional Tax Service Today
Today, more than 3,000 taxpayers statewide use Professional Tax Service, Inc. for electronic filing and tax preparation services.
The Professional Tax Service family will continue its dedication to staying ahead of the curve with the high technology required for processing todays income tax returns and maintaining professional competency and responsible business practices.

Professional Tax Service Team
During tax season Professional Tax Service employs more than 30 tax professionals who live in the Rockford area. We are proud of our high performance team who consistently delivers top notch customer service and care to the Rockford community. Meet our team of professionals...

Smart Choice for Taxpayers
Whether you are an individual or business, networking with Professional Tax Service gives you access to decades of tax knowledge, experience and tax products from a responsible, ethical and 5-star customer service corporation. A company which will respect you as an individual and give you direction in a fair responsible manner protecting you from misleading information.

Customer Commitment

We at Professional Tax Service are committed to providing our customers with quality tax products and services and strive to establish and maintain positive relationships with our customers.

Customer Support
The Professional Tax Service team is dedicated to providing customer support throughout the tax preparation process. Supporting the client with audit service, tax planning and advice.

Professional Tax Service, Inc.